9 Most Sustainable Shops in the UK

A guide to our favourite green stores placing planet above profit

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Our list of 9 sustainable shops

The way we shop is changing.

For the last decade (or longer), fast fashion & homeware conglomerates have ruled the stage: encouraging quick, constant, endless buying.

It is easier than ever to purchase something; two clicks and it’ll be on your doorstep the next day. But our awareness of the impact this has is growing. 

The impact on animals, workers, the environment, our wellbeing. And when we can see the destructive spiderweb spinning out from our purchases – they no longer seem so inviting

 As shoppers, we are asking for better. The demand for sustainable and ethical goods is growing, as is a return to slower, more considered ways of buying. A report by product-to-consumer software company Productsup found that 49% of businesses recorded an increased demand for sustainable products in 2022. However, 34% of consumers found it too difficult to find out the sustainability information of a company. We are craving more sustainable shops.

But how can we navigate through the whirlwind of information, greenwashing and downright compost?

To make your life a little easier, we have compiled a list of the best sustainable shops in the UK. From homeware, wellness, lifestyle and zero-waste, here are our favourite green stores doing good stuff.

We hope you find one you love! …

Closet & Botts

 Genre| Vintage fashion & lifestyle

 Best bit| Owned by two friends

 Pin in the map| Lewes store, ships across the UK

If the name itself hasn’t already won you over (spoiler: this one isn’t in Diagon Alley), there’ll hopefully be something for you amongst their array of thrifted, new and handmade goodies. Closet & Botts was founded by two treasure-hunting friends who share a love for beautiful objects. They left their jobs (in a patisserie and as a display artist for Anthropologie) and spent 18 months in their van The Pearly Queen combing through European flea markets sifting for gold. Their shop brings together characterful pieces for your wardrobe and your home, breathing life into items that may otherwise be discarded – something we believe very strongly in.

You can find them here

RE-found sustainable warehouse with open doors


 Genre| Furniture & homeware

 Best bit| The RE-ason behind the RE in their name? Two metal letters found in a flea market in Paris.  The synchronicity!

 Pin in the map| Northumberland store, ships across the UK. Can also ship to Europe & Overseas with  shipping quote obtained

This company is all about the RE. RE-markable, RE-cycled, RE-spected, RE-cycled, RE-scued, RE-stored, RE-purposed, RE-used, RA-re (okay, I know that’s an RA). They also have their own range of products (under Regd. logo), designed in the UK and produced by local crafters and creators around the world within strict guidelines. These ensure ethical treatment across the supply chain including fair pay and working conditions.

In terms of the environment, RE was ahead of the game – using recycled paper shopping bags, reusing packaging & ensuring sustainable, fairtrade & planet-friendly materials wherever possible. Paving the way for sustainable shops in the UK. This couple-owned business pride themselves on their varied customers, hoping that there is something within everyone’s tastes and budgets – believing a gem is lying in their warehouse just waiting for each of us.

You can find them here.

shop window of small sustainable UK business
shelves of items in eco-friendly store uk

Wild and Rust

 Genre| Homeware & wellbeing

 Best bit| They have their own plant-store!

 Pin on the map| Oxfordshire, ships across the UK. International deliveries on request only

Mindfulness and kindness is at the core of Wild & Rust, pulling together a directory of sustainable & ethical products for home and wellbeing. These are sourced from local creative folk, or from UK businesses wherever possible. If they are from further-a-field, the supply-chains are tracked to ensure ethical working conditions throughout.

All of the items are handpicked – some newly made by makers, some vintage, some crafted from repurposed materials – all with a story to their name.

Loving ourselves and the natural world is the motivation for this brand. If you are a flower-parent in the making, check out their plant-store. Watered and sheltered and sunned with over 20 years of floristry experience, the plant shop houses wild and wacky plant babies waiting to find their forever home.

You can find them here.

sustainable homeware shop uk


 Genre| Homeware & lifestyle

 Best bit| Their Meet The Makers Section – such as the two thousand Bangladeshi women weaving  baskets with fairtrade & ethical company Maison Bengal ltd

 Pin on the map| East Sussex, ships across the UK, for international orders contact company for a      quote

Disenchanted and exasperated at our growing culture of consumerism, founder Jacqui Martin set up Reste in 2015 to offer an alternative way of consuming. She believes that investing in quality handcrafted pieces for you and your home is not only kind to your pocket, but your soul too. With an eclectic mix of artisanal items (they even have a beautiful dried flower section), and real connection between the makers and the end-product, Reste is leading the way for more sustainable shopping. There’s also a handy gift section where you can find treasures for under £10.

You can find them here.

Bellwoods Lifestyle Store

 Genre|Homeware & lifestyle

 Best bit| Their charity & community work

 Pin on the map| Whitley Bay, ships across the UK

If vintage isn’t your jam, uber-cool Bellwoods might be up your alley. Stylish, positive and effortlessly chilled, this company source modern pieces for you and your home with strong ethical credentials. Everything on their website looks like a prop for a chic independent film… seriously.

They are working to become waste & plastic free, re using as much as possible. Most notably, they are active members in their community: monthly charity work, acting as a drop off point for a local food bank, and sharing their space with independent creators and makers by hosting pop-up-shops – helping creative folk grow their own communities.

You can find them here.

sanchos sustainable shop logo uk


 Genre|Fashion & ethical gifts

 Best bit| Black-owned, fashion through a social justice lens

 Pin on the map| Exeter, ships across the UK & internationally

Sancho’s mission is to make sustainable fashion accessible. Owner Kalkidan worked for many years for varying NGOs, forming her belief that the most significant way to help impoverished people is through ‘fair, safe, equitable trade’. Sancho recognises the relationship between fashion and colonialism; the fast fashion model continuously exploits workers who are mainly women and mostly from the global south. But rather than swear off fashion, this company sees the value in fashion as a tool for self-expression and positive change across the world.

The curated space of Sancho makes shopping sustainably much easier. Mindful collections rather than daily product drops. An ethical fashion glossary and directory to make all of the ethical jargon that bit more accessible. And they ensure 30% of their budget is spent on size inclusive and black-owned businesses.


You can find them here.

the sette sustainable shop logo uk

The Sette


 Best Bit| They have an edit dedicated to vegetables

 Pin on the Map| Ships across the UK & internationally

The Sette is a cool and classy tableware brand with sustainability leading the dinner party. From gingham tablecloths to poetry-painted-plates and colourful vases, each piece rumbles along an ethically sound supply chain. You can even ‘sette your own’ and create your own tableware bundle for your next bout of merrymaking! A unique take on sustainable shops.

You can find them here.

zero waste store uk

Lemon and Jinja

 Genre| Zero-waste

 Best Bit| ‘Jinja’ is a town on the source of the River Nile in Uganda, an inspiration for the business

 Pin on the Map| Southampton, ships across the UK and contact for international delivery

Founder Jess’s teen years spent in Uganda shaped her feelings around the natural world and non-human creatures. Determined to make a difference and protect our earth, she decided to create a venture close to home – believing that collective, every day action can create huge positive change. And there Lemon & Jinja was born! A zero-waste cavern and café, brimming with sustainable and eco-friendly delights and a friendly team ready to help you along every step of your journey.

You can find them here.

WN Interiors

 Genre| Design studio & homeware

 Best Bit| Their green stickers & community events

 Pin on the Map| Ashley Cross, Poole

Held between the walls of a charming timeworn building in Poole lies WN: a blend of design studio, shop, and community space. A team of creative designers are led by founder Sarah Woadden to craft cocooning, nurturing interiors for both private and commercial clients. Their vision can be seen in their beautiful studio, where you can pick up items for your home – intended to last the years. Crucially, WN believes that well-made, honest pieces will age gracefully in your home and be less vulnerable to the tides of trends. Modern yet timeless. This helps create homes that you love, support your wellbeing, and are kinder to the environment.

Through collaborations with the local community, their passion for the environment goes even further. Green stickers on items in their store tell us that an item is pre-loved. Clothes swaps run with local charity shops encourage cyclical consuming. Events are held to inspire a slower pace of life. Nature is a source of inspiration; but they make sure to give back to her too. Warmth and joy are threaded throughout.

You can find them here.

I hope there’s a shop in there that will make you feel a bit excited about the prospect of sustainable swaps.

We really can ‘vote with our feet’.

 Each small buy from an ethical maker or creator makes a huge difference; each eco-friendly purchase does a fragment of good. A butterfly effect of positivity. On top of your fab new vintage teapot, that’s something to feel good about, eh?

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