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The best gifts for the man who already has everything!

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We’ve been there. That moment of wild panic on Christmas Eve – WHAT AM I GOING TO BUY MY FATHER/BROTHER/NEIGHBOUR/LOVER? Buying Christmas gifts for a man in your life can be complex, baffling and exhausting – so here we are, with the best gifts in Christmas giving in our back pockets, ready to wow you. Read on for the best eco-friendly gifts this side of Lapland!


You can never go wrong with the gift of a festive tipple. How about choosing from our unique glassware range (made from repurposed glass), paired with a bottle of something delicious?

best christmas gifts man - glassware
Our fluted highballs are tall with a trendy ridged texture at the base, perfect for a gin & tonic (or seven) £12 per glass
best gifts for a man - christmas glasseware
Our moss highballs have a gorgeous greeny glow, adding a splash of colour to the table £12 per glass
best christmas presents for a man - festive cocktail glass
Our fun & festive tiki glasses will transport you somewhere sunny! Ideal for that cockail-lover: £12 per glass

For more of our glassware, click here

Sustainable, planet-friendly alcohol brands we love include:
best gift in christmas whiskey glass

SMALL BEER – using a fraction of the water for a pint compared to most breweries

LOST YEARS RUM – every sale of their rum goes towards helping save sea turtles across Latin America and the Caribbean

TOAST ALE – made from bread that would otherwise go to waste!


camping in the mountains
Photo by Dominik Jirovsky on Unsplash

Some brilliant sustainable brands filled with Christmas gifts for a man include:

BUFF – vegan, cruelty-free, palm-free, natural body care company wrapped up in 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging. Aromatherapy is at the heart of this small business,  with all products inspired by the beautiful coastline of the South West. They also make a monthly donation to Surfers Against Sewage – pretty awesome!

SHORELINE SHAVING – offer eco-friendly shaving kits which include a reusable razor, plastic-free soap, travel bag, replacement blades and recyclable gift box. Ideal for the guy that wants to start his zero-waste shaving journey – the best gift in Christmas !

WILD DEODERANT – plastic-free and vegan, this natural deodorant company make sustainable deodorant fun & easy. Bundles available which include a new case, refills, a wash bag, a mini deodorant and soap. They even have a limited edition festive Apple & Cinnamon flavour – yum!


Whether a full-on jungle enthusiast, or a beginner in his house-plant collection – plants make a fantastic Christmas gift for a man!

house plant best gift in christmas
One of our favourite plant-providers is PATCH PLANTS. They have plants for all budgets, locations and experience levels - including unkillables. All of their plants have names - from Big Ken to Rapunzel to Val - so they will really feel like part of the family! (My favourite is Wallace... or Marge)
potted plants christmas gift man
To home your new plant, check out our handmade planters made from repurposed glass. They are a deep brown, almost black colour - instantly making your plant look a little more stylish. Available in Small (10cm) Medium (12cm) or Large (14cm) and for a variety of plants. Look fab nestled in our macrame hangers too!


reading a book best christmas gift men

Two big-hearted stationers we love here at Old Green are:

PORT WEST: Built from 100% recycled paper and made in the UK. Their passion for sustainability is matched with their drive for social justice; their Create for Creativity line donates profits to NGO Article-25 (an architectural organisation which works to build housing, schools, hospitals, clinic and other essential buildings across Asia and Africa)

JUNGLEY: Vegan stationers with stunning notebooks wrapped in LEAVES! Sustainable materials include upcycled tyre trucks, banana leaves and lotus leaves. This brand is on a mission to create items in harmony with nature, without harming animals or the environment, and work with local creative communities for ethical pricing. They are planning to build 1 million trees – and every sale helps with this goal!


roaring fire christmas
Photo by Ricardo Prosperi on Unsplash


…  you’ve got it.

We won’t say anything cliche like ‘release his inner cave-man!’ because – well – why would we? (We don’t believe in those age-old tropes). But if you want to give the gift of fire this Christmas (does anything say Christmas more than a crackling flame?) then read on…

eco natural candle uk
Our winter candle - woody scents of fir needle for a more masculine fragrance
natural and sustainable candles and firelights by a fireplace
Our natural firelighters - easily spark that fire using our lighters crafted from waste wax
Browse our other candles too...


We have a candle for each of the four seasons, reflecting the natural aromas at each turn of the year. These help us tune into the changing rhythms of nature and bring the outside in.

fresh & citral

notes of bergamot & mint


sweet & exotic

notes of citrus & patchouli


spicy & herbal

notes of cedarwood & thyme


sweet & woody

notes of orange & fir needle

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