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The Creative Folk Series: Unveiling Masters of Imagination and Craftsmanship

Welcome to the Creative Folk series, where we embark on a captivating journey into the lives and works of remarkable nature based makers and celebrate small businesses. Through a collection of articles, we delve into the stories of artisans, craftspeople, artists, and designers who bring their unique perspectives to life through their creations.

Join us as as we traverse the landscapes of imagination, connecting with the diverse tapestry of human creativity – uncovering their motivations, triumphs, and the challenges they overcome. 

Meet Sarah - a nature infused outdoor creative explorer

In a world where the chaos of everyday life can overwhelm, Sarah has found her sanctuary amidst the hustle and bustle. A remarkable individual who has embarked on a journey of self-discovery, blending her passion for nature with her creative spirit. As the founder of Chaos create, she has carved a unique path that intertwines her love for the great outdoors, the beauty of leaves, and sustainable artistry.

chaos forest

In the midst of tackling a small business and a full time office job, I find solace and joy in exploring my creative side. Every chance I get, I dive headfirst into nature, immersing myself in the great outdoors and finding inner peace by foraging and working with leaves. It’s a remarkable experience that words fail to fully capture. For years, I battled with my mental health, but finally, I’ve discovered my sanctuary—a place where nature and creativity can create my own chaos.

sarah in ferns autumn
My ultimate bliss involves packing a locally sourced picnic, along with a trusty flask of Badhand Coffee, and embarking on a quest for leaves, albeit mostly my favorite leaf: The Fern. The Ferns are abundant in the forest, yet often overlooked. To me, they possess an unmatched allure with their stunning patterns, intricate details, and diverse textures and shapes. When I’m in search of ferns, my go-to spots are the serene locations of Homsley or Burley in The New Forest. Venturing down quiet paths, I can spend hours hiking alone, reveling in the perfection of solitude.
chaos create print
One of my greatest passions is creating sustainable gifts that are not only visually striking but also respectful of our Earth. Through my prints, I’ve found a unique outlet to share my love for the environment with others. Each piece is crafted using sustainable practices and materials, and it all starts with hand-pressed, hand-foraged, and hand-printed leaves that I personally select. It’s a labor of love that ensures every gift or artwork resonates with nature’s beauty.
My secret is using the most incredible handmade paper where magic meets sustainability. An absolute treasure born from the remnants of recycled cotton T-shirts. In this process, overlooked fragments find their purpose, transforming into unique sheets that create the most unique designs. Nature becomes my muse as I paint with eco-friendly inks. Even happy accidents have a role to play in my world. Those misprints and protective paper from my wooden press find new life as extraordinary gift wrap, unrivaled by anything you’ll find on store shelves.
chaos wrapping paper

I draw inspiration from the desire to offer my friends and family gifts that are as unique as they are sustainable. My prints embody this philosophy, allowing them to give eco-conscious presents or even treat themselves to a piece of art that they can be proud to purchase. 

chaos leaf


When you’re out in the great outdoors, gather some leaves and dive into the world of art. Create collages, make your own personalised cards, or even paint and frame them as beautiful home décor. It’s a fun and meaningful activity that the whole family can enjoy. Let nature be your guide as you unleash your imagination and bring a touch of the outdoors into your own home the Chaos way!


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Sunday 16th July 10am - 12pm
Join Sarah at Chaos Create for a morning craft experience as we jump into the beauty of The New Forest’s foliage. Sarah will share her knowledge of the different types of leaves found in the local area and guide you through the process of creating your own nature-inspired artworks.
£35 per person

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