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  • The Amber tumbler

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    Meet our standout, eco-friendly Amber Brown Glass Tumblers, crafted with love and skill in the UK by our extraordinary team of creative women. We’re all about giving new life to repurposed bottles, transforming them into something exquisite for your table.

    These aren’t just any glasses. Each one boasts a uniquely beautiful amber hue, a colour that’s sure to bring an invitingly rustic touch to your table settings. Picture yourself serving up your favourite beverage to friends and family, the warm glow of these glasses catching the light just right, sparking engaging conversations.

    But we don’t stop at just looking good. From the moment you wrap your hands around these tumblers, to that satisfying moment when your lips touch the rim, you’ll notice our obsession with quality. Every glass is smoothed to a glossy finish, with mouth feel taken into careful consideration and beveled edges that add just that touch of elegance.

    With a height of 10cm and a diameter of 8cm, they make for that perfect poured drink. These Amber Brown Glass Tumblers aren’t just a purchase, they’re an investment in moments of togetherness, sustainability, and craft.

  • The Fern tumbler

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    Step up your drink game with our artisan-crafted Deep Green Glasses – not just a drinkware, but a statement. These gems are lovingly handcrafted from repurposed bottles in picturesque Dorset, bringing a dash of sustainable luxury into your homes.

    A tantalizing deep green veils these glasses, adorned with intricate ridged detailing. This striking ensemble doesn’t just please the eye, but also adds an unforgettable dimension to your drink experiences. They’re designed to be the showstoppers at your table or the secret stars of your cocktail concoctions.

    These glasses are more than their looks, they’re incredibly functional. Standing 10cm tall and sporting a 7.5cm diameter, these glasses prove that form and function can indeed go hand in hand. The story doesn’t end at visual appeal. We’ve crafted these glasses with considered attention to mouth feel. Their beveled edges provide the perfect sip, and a high shine finish captures the light just right, making your drinks sparkle.

    Rediscover the joy of sipping your favourite drink with our Deep Green Glasses and infuse every gulp with a feel of artistry and sustainability.

  • The Willow tapered highball

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    Infuse elegance into your drink sessions with our Dark Brown Tapered Highball Glasses – a testament to the artistic possibilities of sustainability. Handcrafted in Dorset, these glasses transform repurposed bottles into breathtaking silhouettes for your table.

    The highlight of these glasses is their distinctive shape. Far from conventional, these glasses draw your gaze with their intelligent design – a larger base narrowing down to a sleeker neck. Moreover, the touch of rich, dark brown aura injects a jolt of sophistication to your drinking routine.

    But our highballs aren’t just about aesthetics. They carry a heft that feels satisfying in your hands, balancing the delicate and robust into a wonderful drinking experience – be it at your dining table or just a laid-back drink session after work.

    These glasses stand at 12cm height and with a 6cm diameter at the top, crafted for a comfortable yet stylish grip.

  • The Tiki highball

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    Dive into an everlasting summer with our Tiki Glasses – spirited, uniquely crafted marvels that turn your home into a tropical paradise. These pieces, born out of repurposed bottles in the UK, are sure to bring a burst of sunshine into your life.

    Our Tiki Glasses exude a contagious cheer with their playful design, promising to whisk you away to a far-off island with each use. Looking for the ideal gift for that friend with a home tiki bar? Look no further!

    True to our promise, these Tiki Glasses marry fun with integrity. Each piece is processed diligently, ensuring a wonderful mouth feel. Their beveled edges provide the most comfortable of sips while their high shine finish captures the glint of every sunbeam. With a height of 12cm and a diameter of 7cm. Let our Tiki Glasses add a little joy to your routine.

  • The Geometric highball

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    Unleash the ultimate toast with our Clear High Ball Glasses – exclusive, statement-making pieces taking sustainable chic to a whole new level. Lovingly made from repurposed bottles right here in the UK, these glasses are your new go-to for celebration and everyday elegance.

    Our high balls come alive with intricate geometric details, creating a dance of light and crystal clarity with every turn. Plus, with the empowering mantra, ‘MAKE EVERY MOMENT EPIC’, etched on one side, they’re not just glasses but vessels of inspiration, perfect for those who love to live loud and gift with meaning.

    Crafted with purpose, these high balls promise a premium experience in every aspect. From the beveled edges ensuring a soothing sip to the high shine finish that gleams with promise, we’ve paid attention to the finer details. These are glasses designed to impress, touch, and transform moments into cherished memories.

    Statuesque at 12cm in height and practical with a 6cm diameter. Whether you’re looking for that ideal celebratory gift or just want to level-up your glassware game, our Clear High Ball Glasses are here to make every clink resoundingly epic.

  • The Diamond tumbler

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    Introducing our jubilant Diamond Effect Tumblers – a harmonious blend of sustainability and sophistication, waiting to add sparkle to your get-togethers. Crafted scrupulously from repurposed bottles in the UK, these glasses are the perfect partner to your classic G&T.

    Our tumblers mesmerize with their diamond effect encircling the bottom third, shooting splinters of light across your table and transforming the mundane into the magic. Each sip from these exquisite glasses promises to be a lavish experience, one that elevates the quintessential G&T to an extraordinary delight.

    A nice wide tumbler at 10cm in height and 8cm in diameter.  As with all our glassware, our focus is not just on aesthetic. We pour meticulous care into the mouth feel of each tumbler. Quality beveled edges for a smooth sip, a high shine finish for added gleam — these glasses ensure a pampered drinking experience.


  • The Moss highball

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    Introducing our vibrantly versatile Olive Green Glasses – where functionality meets sustainability, blending daily use with a dash of distinctive design.

    Each glass springs from the skillful work of our talented team in the UK, who breathe new life into repurposed bottles, transforming them into these unique, everyday treasures. Whether you’re settling down with a refreshing glass of water or mixing up your favourite spirit & mixer, these glasses add a delightful splash of colour to your table.

    Each Olive Green Glass boasts our signature mix of aesthetics and ergonomics. From your first grasp to the last sip, you’ll appreciate the top-notch quality we guarantee – a glossy finish, user-friendly dimensions, and beveled edges that enhance mouth feel.

    Standing 12cm tall and 6cm in diameter, these glasses have the optimal size to deliver on both enjoyment and aesthetics. Our Olive Green Glasses aren’t just about quenching your thirst – it’s about adding that extra zing to your everyday routine while promoting sustainable practices.

  • Bespoke glassware

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    Do you have a favourite tipple and wish you could have a set of glasses to match? We make high quality glassware, handcrafted in our Dorset studio using repurposed drinks bottles.

    This listing is for one drinking glass, but place an order for the amount of glasses you’d like, and include the specific bottle type / colour / height or any other details of what you’re after and we’ll get in touch with a timeline for delivery to you (depending on your request it may take us a little while to source the specific bottles required.)

    As an example, we always have wine and beer bottles of all sizes and colours in stock, as well as most of the mainstream spirits. If what you’re after is more niche or you have a bottle that’s personal to you then you’re welcome to send it to us and we’ll transform it for you. We can also make other homeware items from bottles – there are not many limitations to both our process and imagination, so if you have an exciting project then do get in touch.

  • The Ridge clear glass

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    Unique glasses made from repurposed bottles here in the UK. These clear glasses are slightly tapered – narrower at the bottom and wider at the opening with a lovely ridged detail around the base.

    All our glassware is processed with the utmost care and consideration of the mouth feel, with quality beveled edges and high shine. Price is per glass.

    HEIGHT: 12cm
    DIA: 5.5cm – 7cm

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