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  • Autumn gift box

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    A warm, inviting gift box curated with candles that envelop the scent of Autumn right inside your home.

    Autumn Candle: Imagine enveloping your home in the golden hues of Autumn with our bespoke blend – a spicy, herbaceous mix of cedarwood, oregano, thyme and a hint of fresh lemon. Its grounding, sensual aroma not only encapsulates the richness of the outdoors but is perfect for masking kitchen cooking odors or elevating the ambience of your bathroom. It’s like bottling ancient apothecary magick in every room. Our large Autumn candle burns for 50-60 hours.

    Solace Candle: We’ve also included our soothing Solace candle. Irrespective of the season, it’s designed to offer you those precious, serene moments of solitude whenever you need a little ‘me’ time to unwind and de-stress. Our small Solace candle burns for 20-25 hours.

    Extra-long Candle Matches: Lighting candles, especially the ones which have burned low is no longer a struggle with our extra-long, non-toxic candle matches. Housed in adorable glass pots that feature a striker at the bottom, they offer a seamless and safer way to ignite your candles. Plus, they are refillable.

    Packaging: All these are carefully packed in our stylish gold embossed kraft boxes. Made exclusively for us in Dorset, these boxes echo our minimalistic, eco-friendly approach. We’ve intentionally kept them without any branding, so they have multiple uses post-unboxing. Keep them for storing your personal treasures or share the joy by re-gifting.

    Embrace the tranquillity of Autumn, bask in the gentle flicker of our candles, and let the aromas capture your senses. Experience a unique blend of cosiness and whimsy with our Autumn gift box.

  • Autumn tea lights

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    Our Olive Wax Tea Lights are designed to enhance your atmosphere while taking a sustainable approach to candlelight.

    We take pride in creating our tea lights in small, carefully crafted batches, each infused with our exclusive seasonal scents. Our Autumn scent is a harmonious blend of cedarwood, thyme, oregano, and lemon essential oils. This spicy, herbal aroma evokes the cozy feeling of golden hour, making it perfect for neutralizing kitchen odors or elevating your bathroom’s ambiance.

    Key Features:

    1. Earth-Friendly Composition: Our Olive Wax Tea Lights are a step towards a greener future. Crafted with natural, vegan olive wax sourced from the European Union, we’ve eliminated paraffin wax and reduced our carbon footprint by sourcing locally. This clean-burning wax ensures your air stays pure and untainted.

    2. Minimalistic Design: Say goodbye to disposable containers and their environmental impact. Our tea lights are thoughtfully container-free, reducing waste and offering a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

    3. Extended Burn Time: Each box includes 10 tea lights, and each one burns for a generous 4 hours. With a total burn time of 40 hours per box, you can enjoy uninterrupted serenity, whether for an evening soirée or week-long relaxation.

    5. Versatile Compatibility: Our tea lights are expertly designed to fit seamlessly into our glass tea light holders. Additionally, they can be placed in any container with a diameter of approximately 5cm, ensuring they adapt to your unique decor.

    6. Effortless Cleanup: Burning our tea lights is a breeze. After the flame naturally extinguishes, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find minimal to no wax residue. Simply remove the wick and replace it with a new tea light or cleanse any remnants with hot soapy water.

    Elevate your surroundings with the pure, clean flame of our Olive Wax Tea Lights. Experience the soothing glow of candlelight while reducing your environmental footprint.


  • Large earth Autumn candle

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    Cedarwood, oregano, thyme, lemon. This spicy, herbal scent is grounding and sensual: recreating golden hour in your home. Perfect to cut through cooking smells wafting from the kitchen, or to uplift the bathroom: creating ancient apothecary magick in every room. Let your candle-flame dance behind gorgeous green-hues: think forest-floor, ancient trees, vibrant leaves. Our large candles are 230g and burn for 50-60 hours.

    Our natural candles are perfect to burn away outside on long summer evenings, to shift the energy in the room, create a warming ambience on those darker days or for a soothing morning ritual.

     Our gorgeous containers are handcrafted from repurposed glass bottles. Rescued locally, we transform these bottles into the element-inspired jars that embrace our natural candles. We like to think of it as giving an item that would otherwise be discarded a whole new lease of life: extending its story into another exciting chapter.

    Every aspect of our candles is kind to the Earth. We use rapeseed wax grown sustainably in the UK, rather than soy which is often shipped from faraway lands and a product of mass deforestation. Our lids are made using dyed waste wood in Somerset. Our scents are blended using essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals. Our labels are made from a by-product in the sugarcane industry, or recycled kraft paper. When your candle burns to the bottom, you can return your glass container to us and receive money off your next candle – helping us to close the loop within a circular economy. A love for nature, and collective wellbeing, is at the heart of all that we do.

  • 60x60cm geometric alpaca cushion

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    Our unique cushions are completely handmade by us here in Dorset, using rescued materials that are locally sourced and completely biodegradable. These extra large 60x60cm cushions are perfect for sinking into, and can also double up as floor cushions for extra seating or a zen moment.

    Filling: 100% Alpaca wool – soft, durable and retains it’s shape beautifully. Even better, our wool is rescued locally as a by-product of yarn weaving

    Cover: Our fabrics are high end interiors off-cuts and deadstock we source from the interiors trade – many retailing at hundreds of pounds per meter

    Lining: 100% cotton woven in the UK and makes up our unique inner cushion pads

    Lifetime promise: The cushion pads are designed to last a lifetime, and don’t flatten like synthetic fillings. However if you find your cushion is no longer quite as plump as you’d like it to be, we have conveniently left a zip on the inner pad and can send you more stuffing to add


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