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  • Illuminate the Seasons subscription

    £16.00 every 3 months Select options


    Receive our current blend of the season and a free reusable travel tin with our Solace tea light when you sign up.

    Experience the changing seasons in your home with our eco-friendly seasonal tea light subscription. Receive a box of 10 biodegradable, vegan Olive wax tea lights every quarter, infused with 100% pure essential oils for over 40 hours of natural, therapeutic candlelight. Know you’re going to be lighting these guys all the time? Choose two or three boxes a quarter and you save even more! Sign up now to enjoy our Spring blend, a free reusable travel tin with our Solace tea light, and transform your space into a sanctuary of wellness without the environmental footprint. Perfect for relaxation, meditation, or enhancing your home’s ambiance, these tea lights are a sustainable choice for year-round serenity.

  • Herbarium box

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    Indulge in the enchanting world of flora with our meticulously crafted Herbarium Box – a collaboration between Dorset brands, Old Green and Wilder & Wren. This beautiful selection of handmade botanical homewares perfectly marries the artistry of skilled craftsmanship with the beauty of nature.

    Key Features:

    Mini Beech and Glass Frames: Nestled within the Herbarium Box are exquisite beech and glass frames, housing carefully pressed wild or cottage flowers that effortlessly capture their ephemeral charm.

    Botanic-Infused Mini Candle: Illuminate your space with our enchanting mini candle (25 hr burn time) lovingly crafted using a natural blend of rapeseed wax and essential oils of cedarwood, tangerine, rose geranium, and lavender. Enriched with real flowers, each flicker transports you to a picturesque English cottage garden, evoking a sense of serenity and relaxation.

    Sustainable Matches: We believe in sustainability and repurposing, so we’ve included a pot of thoughtfully designed matches. The container, made using repurposed glass, comes with a striker at its base for your convenience.

    Bespoke gift box: Each of these remarkable items comes carefully nestled in our striking gold-embossed kraft boxes, proudly produced in Dorset exclusively for our collection. To extend their usability, we intentionally left these boxes free from branding. They make perfect storage options for your precious keepsakes or can serve as an elegant shell for regifting, allowing you to spread the joy of sharing elegance and sustainability.

    Elevate your home ambiance with elements of nature, beauty, and harmony. The Herbarium Box serves as a thoughtful gift for a loved one or simply as a cherished addition to your own living space. Celebrate the magic of botanical wonders and let the charm of the English countryside grace your home with this truly unique offering.

  • Natural candle making workshop voucher

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    Either for yourself or a loved one, this voucher creates a place at the table for one of our introduction to natural candle-making workshops. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase, and a date can be chosen at any time up to 48 hours before the workshop takes place.

    Our vouchers are presented in a premium lidded reusable kraft box and includes a naked tea light, dried botanicals and gift voucher printed on lavender seed paper that can be planted afterwards – the gift that keeps on giving!

    If you’d like to pop a message to be included with your voucher, please scribble in the box below.


    More about our workshop…

    By the twinkle of fairy-lights and the warmth of hot coffee, we will help you craft your very own candle right here in our gorgeous Dorset studio.

    Using natural essential oils, our candles are hugely beneficial for mind, body, and spirit.  When used in the home, they help create a nourishing environment that can both energise and restore you – supporting you through the daily movements of work, rest, and play.

    Beginner-friendly, our workshop will guide you through the core principles of natural-candle making from home, whilst you create one of our large Old Green candles. You will then get to try blending yourself, balancing different natural oils to create your own unique fragrance that can be poured into a small candle to take home with you: capturing the magic of the day.

    To learn a bit more about the session’s storyline, plus the current available dates, please see our Workshops page.

  • Candles and matches box

    £55.00 Select options

    Embrace the comfort of sustainability with our luxuriously crafted Candles & Matches Box, an ideal eco-friendly indulgence for candle lovers. This set showcases a customizable 60-hour candle, a tranquil 25-hour Solace candle, and 30 extra-long matches housed in a sleek glass pot. Our candles are conscientiously made from UK-grown rapeseed wax and infused with natural essential oils, presented in repurposed glass bottles. Offering a range of seasonal scents to choose from, this gift box is the epitome of thoughtful, sustainable gifting, complete with a return scheme for your empty glass to promote a circular economy. Perfect for those seeking serene moments and a sustainable lifestyle.


  • The Seasonal Soul candle subscription

    £27.50 every 3 months Sign up now

    Discover the charm of our quarterly candle subscription, delivering meticulously crafted candles directly to your doorstep with each changing season. This subscription includes four large candles per year, each designed to embody the essence of its respective season with up to 60 hours of burn time. Ideal for those who love a spontaneous candlelit atmosphere or as a serene weekend treat.

    Looking for a unique gift? Our subscription makes for thoughtful candle gifts, complete with customizable delivery addresses and personalized messages. Add a card that we can hand write for you for an extra special touch. Each subscription offers eco-friendly packaging, exclusive offers, and significant savings, including a free small Solace candle in the first delivery.

    With fragrances ranging from Bergamot & Mint in spring to Orange & Fir in winter, our service ensures your space is always inviting and beautifully scented. Ready to bring seasonal delight into your home or gift serenity to a loved one? Subscribe today for a year of enchantment and ambiance.

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