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  • Large earth Summer candle

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    Ylang ylang, patchouli, tangerine, Spanish verbena. Whisking you away to balmy evenings, holidays that stretch out their arms forever, endless nostalgia & a slice of an exotic spa at home. Let your candle-flame dance behind gorgeous green-hues: think forest-floor, ancient trees, vibrant leaves.

    Our large natural rapeseed wax and essential oil candles are 230g and burn for 50-60 hours.

  • The Tiki highball

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    Dive into an everlasting summer with our Tiki Glasses – spirited, uniquely crafted marvels that turn your home into a tropical paradise. These pieces, born out of repurposed bottles in the UK, are sure to bring a burst of sunshine into your life.

    Our Tiki Glasses exude a contagious cheer with their playful design, promising to whisk you away to a far-off island with each use. Looking for the ideal gift for that friend with a home tiki bar? Look no further!

    True to our promise, these Tiki Glasses marry fun with integrity. Each piece is processed diligently, ensuring a wonderful mouth feel. Their beveled edges provide the most comfortable of sips while their high shine finish captures the glint of every sunbeam. With a height of 12cm and a diameter of 7cm. Let our Tiki Glasses add a little joy to your routine.

  • natural linen napkins

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    100% natural stonewashed linen napkins, individually hand sewn in the UK. Using only the softest, finest quality linen, produced sustainably in Ireland.

    These luxurious linen napkins make a beautiful housewarming or wedding gift, or will give a classic yet rustic look to your own dining table – looking better with every wash

    From flax to yarn, Linen is an environmentally friendly alternative to other fibers. The crop captures CO2, maintains soil quality, and only requires rainfall alone to grow. The resulting fabric is durable and longlasting, and at end of life is fully biodegradable

    • size approx 45 x 45cm
    • sold in packs of 2
    • machine washable
    • plant fibres


  • the Herbarium candle

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    50-60 hour burn time

    This limited edition candle incorporates beautiful real summer flowers, by petal presser & artist Beth Kendall of Wilder and Wren. With our natural blend of rapeseed wax and essential oils of cedarwood, tangerine, rose geranium & lavender, you’ll be spiritually transported to a cottage garden in the English countryside with each light

    SCENT: Our candles are scented with pure essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals, to ensure a candle that’s clean burning and safe to use – purifying rather than polluting the air around you

    WAX: 100% natural rapeseed wax with a little added beeswax, for a longer cleaner burning candle (no nasty toxic paraffin wax here!) We choose to use rapeseed wax as it’s grown sustainably in the UK – as opposed to soy which is shipped from further afield, where deforestation often occurs to make way for the crops

    CONTAINERS: Our glass containers are crafted from hand cut and polished recycled glass bottles. We keep all our packaging to a minimum and only use recycled / biodegradable materials, of which we encourage either reuse, composting or recycling after use

    *Disclaimer* due to the natural design no two candles are identical, so please consider these images as representative examples. Different plants will be used but all will be of equal beauty

    Avoid displaying in direct sunlight – fading to the flowers may occur

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