We handcraft homewares sustainably from our Dorset studio using reclaimed, natural and recycled materials. We aim to inspire sustainable, intentional homes that help connect to the natural world and the rhythms of the seasons.


After joining an upholstery class as headspace from the stress and inflexibility of corporate management, Old Green founder Tori couldn’t ignore the joy of switching off her mind and creating something with her own two hands.  This provided a longed-for sense of purpose, and a love affair with crafting personal, meaningful interiors was ignited.

Sourcing the next chair to work on was all too easy, as it quickly became apparent how often well-made furniture was completely undervalued and tossed to one side in favour of cheaply made soulless equivalents. This out with the old in with the new mentality and wasteful impact just didn’t sit right.

Gaining a deeper understanding of the damage caused by this short-term cycle on both us and our planet fueled a desire to inspire homes that exist in harmony with nature – with products that evoke a connection to the seasons, and functionality that ensures they’re desired in the long term; using materials that reduce rather than add to our footprint on the world.

The circle was complete when we opened our own doors to share our knowledge;  providing the opportunity for others to switch off and use their hands to create, connect with others and the beauty of nature and the seasons.



You won’t find photos of far flung factories here. We’re an all-female team who share a deep love for creativity & working with our hands. Our studio is nestled in the heart of Dorset – not just a workplace for us, but a warm and welcoming space that fosters creativity and collaboration.  
We take pride in handcrafting all of our products in house – from design to manufacture – using eco-friendly, natural, rescued & recycled materials. Our common goal is to make a positive impact through our work – as we strive to create a business that is kinder to it’s people, it’s customers and our planet. 
So, when you choose Old Green, you’re not just supporting a faceless corporation – you’re supporting a dedicated team of passionate individuals who pour their hearts and souls into every aspect of our work, and hope to be the change we want to see. 


These are the core principles that guide us in our approach to our business, and all the people that it touches. 



We are firm believers in moving with the seasons rather than chasing transient trends. We’re steadfast in our commitment to authenticity, allowing Nature’s rhythm to inspire a refreshing revamp of our homes and lives. Our focus is on timeless classics, adapting and evolving with the natural changes around us, rather than succumbing to fleeting fads. To us, products that stand the test of time are key to reducing consumption.



We are dedicated to sustainability and mindful consumption. We actively reduce our carbon footprint and promote fair practices by prioritising local resources, ensuring a transparent and responsible supply chain. Through the creative utilisation of rescued and recycled materials, we honor our planet’s finite resources, avoid landfill contributions, and strive to tread lightly on Earth, embodying the essence of sustainable living.



We believe in a more equitable, kinder economy, and oppose exploitation & profit-driven practices that compromise human dignity. We cultivate an empathetic workplace that nurtures the wellbeing of our team members. Acknowledging the unique challenges faced particularly by women, we provide flexible hours to balance work with personal responsibilities like childcare – fostering a sustainable balance for all.



We believe in the universal need for connection to something beyond ourselves, championing an inclusive form of spirituality that is not confined to any single religion, deity, or ideology. Whether this connection is found through community, ritual, or an appreciation for the power of nature, in a complex world, we believe that a shared sense of hope and a commitment to a greater collective purpose can inspire us all.


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