bespoke glassware


Do you have a favourite tipple and wish you could have a set of glasses to match? We make high quality glassware, handcrafted in our Dorset studio using repurposed drinks bottles. We list a selection of what we make, however there are always new ones that take our fancy.

This listing is for one glass, but place an order for the amount of glasses you’d like, and include the specific bottle type / colour / height or any other details of what you’re after and we’ll get in touch with a timeline for delivery to you (depending on your request it may take us a little while to source)

As an example, we always have wine and beer bottles of all sizes and colours in stock, as well as most of the mainstream spirits. If what you’re after is more niche or you have a bottle that’s personal to you then you’re welcome to send it to us and we’ll transform it for you


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