Candle making kit – 2 large candles


Our plastic free candle kits provide you with everything you need to learn how to make natural candles, within the comfort of your own home.

The perfect kit for a beginner – with the ingredients pre-weighed – allowing you to focus on the basic candle making process, with a simple step by step how to guide. Access to our online guide is also included, which explains the ingredients and process in more detail, so you can gain an understanding of how to make candles at home that are tailored to you.

Kit to make 1 large candle includes:

  • 2 x candle jars – made from a recycled wine bottle
  • 2 x candle wicks & glue dots
  • 1 x glass measuring jug
  • 1 x thermometer
  • 1 x glass rod stirer
  • 2 x wooden chopsticks
  • 2 x pre-weighed rapeseed wax
  • 2 x pre-weighed essential oil scent blend
  • 2 x wooden jar lid
  • 6 x labels for your completed candle

Our four unique scent blends:
Spring – bergamot, mint, citrus, aniseed & frankinsense
Summer – ylang ylang, patchouli, tangerine & spanish verbena
Autumn – cedarwood, oregano, thyme & lemon
Winter – frankincense, clove, fir needle & orange

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