The Herbarium candle



50-60 hour burn time

This limited edition candle incorporates beautiful real summer flowers, by petal presser & artist Beth Kendall of Wilder and Wren. With our natural blend of rapeseed wax and essential oils of cedarwood, tangerine, rose geranium & lavender, you’ll be spiritually transported to a cottage garden in the English countryside with each light

Cedarwood – woody with a grounding character – provides stability

Tangerine – fruity with a restoring character – reduces stress & anxiety

Geranium – herbal with a comforting character – creates emotional balance

Lavender – floral with a calming character – helps to find inner peace

*Disclaimer* due to the natural design no two candles are identical, so please consider these images as representative examples. Different plants will be used but all will be of equal beauty 


Our candles are only ever scented using plant based essential oils rather than synthetic chemicals, to ensure a clean burning candle that adds emotional and spiritual benefits rather than introducing toxins to your home

All our candles are made from natural rapeseed wax with a little added beeswax, using plants grown sustainably in the UK & EU. This ensures a longer burning candle that purifies the air in your home and keeps our carbon footprint lower

Our glass containers are crafted from hand cut and polished recycled glass bottles. We keep all our packaging to a minimum and only use recycled / biodegradable materials, of which we encourage either reuse, composting or recycling after use

Weight 0.5 kg

brown, Clear, Green

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