As a values-driven business, sustainability is not just a buzz word for us, it is at the heart of everything we do. Ultimately our aim is to craft a better tomorrow.


OUR DESIGN ETHOS: circularity and longevity are key

At Old Green, we are dedicated to sustainability through intentional design, ethical consumption, and sustainable manufacturing. We advocate for a shift towards a circular economy to reduce landfill waste and the extraction of raw materials. Continuously innovating, we repurpose discarded resources from various industries, as well as our own manufacturing by-products, transforming them into valuable and desirable items for your home. 

We strive to create products designed for longevity, emphasizing reusability, repurposing, or refillability to extend their lifecycle. Reducing consumption is at the core of our philosophy.

OUR COMMITMENT: to use disregarded resources

At the heart of our approach is the rejuvenation of by-products, waste, and deadstock by transforming undervalued materials into purposeful, exciting new items. Recognizing the considerable energy invested in their initial creation, we’re committed to ensuring that these materials don’t languish in warehouses, go through energy-draining recycling processes, or worse, contribute to burgeoning landfill masses. We’re determined to breathe new life into them instead.



Perhaps our most iconic material for repurposing is the unassuming glass bottle. Often a one-time use by-product from the hospitality industry, it’s a prime example of a resource destined for recycling or, at times, unfortunate disposal. All the glass products we sell are made from repurposed bottle glass. 



We love creating with natural solid reclaimed wood sourced from local carpenters. Not even the shavings go to waste. When our designs call for sheet wood—such as in the crafting of our candle jar lids—we opt for an organically dyed, waste wood composite that meets stringent eco-friendly standards within the EU.



We source our alpaca wool fibers from a nearby mill, where they are a by-product of the yarn spinning process, often set aside for being too short for conventional yarn. Seizing this opportunity, we repurpose the lush fibers, giving them new life as the sumptuous filling in our cushions.

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We are passionate about cutting waste in the interiors industry,  salvaging remnant and deadstock fabrics in particular. These neglected pieces of fabric are carefully selected and creatively transformed into the unique covers of our cushions. This practice breathes new life into each fabric piece while adding an individual touch to every cushion we produce.

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In our commitment to inventive recycling, we have embraced the use of recycled cotton cord to handcraft our hangers. This innovative approach not only recycles material but also pairs beautifully with our glass domes,  fashioned from the upper portions of cut bottles. This fusion encapsulates our dedication to creating beauty from the forgotten.



In the quest to achieve zero waste, we meticulously repurpose leftover wax—both from the candle-making process and from customer-returned jars that re-enter our circular system. This commitment ensures that every ounce of wax is transformed, finding new life as firelighters or in crafting waxed fabric. For more info on our wax read on below.

EMBRACING NATURE: why we use natural materials & ingredients

While we recognize the importance of recycling and reusing synthetic materials like plastic, we are deeply committed to leveraging natural resources as much as possible. This decision is driven by two critical factors.

Firstly, we believe that promoting the recycling of materials like plastic could inadvertently encourage its continued production and usage. Following a less trodden path, we aspire to break this cycle and reduce our dependency on synthetic materials.

Secondly, the impact of materials on well-being is integral to our philosophy. Not all materials are created equally, and synthetic ones frequently pose greater toxicity risks. This is particularly relevant in our homes, where confined spaces and insufficient fresh air can lead to a build-up of toxins released by these materials. By preferring natural materials, we aim to cultivate healthier, more sustainable spaces for all.



After extensive research in 2018, we decided on rapeseed wax for our candles. We discovered that soy wax, often imported and linked to deforestation, and paraffin wax, a non-vegetable toxin-releasing alternative, were less environmentally friendly. Rapeseed, grown as a cover crop in the UK, improves soil health and our wax is locally produced, ensuring a lower carbon footprint and promoting sustainable agriculture.



We only use natural essential oils to scent our candles. Made by distilling plants, essential oils promote a cleaner environment both by contributing to air purification while the plants are growing and by ensuring our candles burn without releasing synthetic chemicals. This practice allows us to provide a clean, aromatherapeutic experience that supports both personal health and the health of our planet.



Our latest wax to work with, which we use to craft our freeformed candles i.e. dinner candles, pillar candles and naked tea lights. These require a harder wax so we we’re thrilled to find a new wax to the market that met all of our sustainability criteria – completely natural, non-GMO and sourced from the EU – this blend has the added benefit of being vegan as opposed to our rapeseed wax that combines a little added beeswax for increased burn time. 



In our operation, water conservation is paramount; that’s why we rely on a water butt to supply all the water needed for our bottle-processing cycle, being mindful to reuse it across several steps in the process.


Our commitment to conservation extends to our management of studio waste, which is composted directly in our on-site composter, thereby reducing dependence on landfill sites and contributing to the regenerative cycle of nature.


Moreover, we convert the ‘waste’ generated from our studio – like papers and removed labels from bottles – into a resource, creatively repurposing them into the charming gift paper we offer. From start to finish, every part of our process is designed with sustainability at its core.


Naturally, on the rare occasion that materials truly find no purpose within our studio’s circle of sustainability, they are thoughtfully recycled. This assures that every element, regardless of its initial use, contributes to a cycle of renewal rather than ending up as waste.


We take our commitment to the environment seriously, which is why we’ve partnered with Ecologi to plant trees and help offset our carbon footprint. Carbon offsetting is our way of balancing out the greenhouse gases we emit by investing in projects that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere—like planting trees. Each tree we plant acts like a sponge, soaking up CO2 and helping to clean the air. This not only helps to counterbalance our team’s carbon emissions but also contributes to a healthier planet. Working with Ecologi ensures that our efforts are meaningful and measurable, making a real difference.


Old Green harbors a firm belief in the power of reuse. The company’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by the crafting of candle jars from waste materials, fostering a cycle of continuous use. Customers are encouraged to either repurpose their candle jars or return them for reintegration into the production line, for which they are rewarded with green points, incentivizing eco-friendly practices.

Our tea lights have been intentionally designed as standalone refills. Without the need for individual containers, they can be directly placed into a reusable cup and replaced with the next one when burned. This approach simplifies the process and underscores our dedication to reducing waste – especially with regards to unessassary packaging.



Striving to eliminate unnecessary waste, you won’t find our candles housed in single-use boxes destined for the bin. Instead, we opt for recycled, recyclable card for all our delivery containers, packaging, and promotional content. Our labels are thoughtfully crafted from biodegradable sugarcane or repurposed kraft material, and to ensure safe shipment, we utilise biodegradable cardboard ‘bubble wrap’ and cornstarch pellets. Where feasible, we engage suppliers who align with this eco-conscious ethos, further amplifying our commitment to sustainable operations.

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